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My son was born and need to be ventilated for many days. As time passes and his milestones went being hit it became apparent he had disability’s. Cerebral palsy has autism listed as a symptom. My dad who was his father figure passed away 1016. We moved into a small cottage on cape cod( 725sq ft) Max kept growing and he has actually outgrown our home.

The bathroom is so tiny he can’t maneuver to clean himself. He has hypotonia but he fights it everyday by doing strengthening exercises. He also has kyphosis which makes him hunch forward and I’m always saying “ shoulders back” like clock work it’s most always while he is entering. Room and smacks his head because he is taller than the doorway. I’m a single mom trying to hold down a job and cRe for my son who needs me 24/7.

He also has a twin sister. Our home needs a second floor and/ or cathedral ceilings to accommodate Maxwell. This is his forever home where he will have services from The Department of Developmental Services assist him when I pass away.

I want my son to be able to have adequate facility’s for daily living skills that are so difficult for him.


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