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Our Mum has been accepted as a viable candidate for a pioneering stem cell therapy that could slow down the continued progress of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that has been ravaging our mum’s body for many years and the treatment could also eradicate the two brain lesions and three spinal lesions, which could radically improve her mobility and her overall symptoms.
In 2014, a full body MRI scan revealed a further three lesions on Kath’s spine and Kath was diagnosed with Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS).
There are no treatments available on the NHS to Kath, everything has been explored with her NHS consultant, but to no avail. This really is Kath’s only hope to halt the disease’s progress, eradicate the lesions on her brain and spine and improve her mobility and symptoms.
Please help us give Kath this golden chance as the window for treatment is limited as it cannot be given to MS patients who have lost all of their mobility and though not a cure for MS, the treatment could dramatically improve and lengthen Kath’s life.

Of course, the impact on Kath’s family is not easy either, seeing and coping with Kath’s decline is immensely difficult for all of them, but they all try their best and the love and support they give to each other is incredible to see – despite everything, Kath and her family always try to put a brave face on their problems, but now they desperately need our help. We also have a Facebook page with local events https://www.facebook.com/KathLeeCrowdfunding

Thank you all in advance lots of love The Lee Family

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