Knee Surgery Medical Costs GoFundMe Campaign

September 25, 2018 4:09 AM0 commentsViews: 1

Raising money to cover medical costs after knee surgery My name is Patrice Russell, and I’ve just undergone surgery for my knee. I have had an osteotomy, a knee arthroscopy, and patellofemoral joint replacement surgery. I had been suffering from chronic knee dislocations for over 13 years, and due to the lack of insurance, or any kind of parental care, the issue got to the point where I pretty much had no tissue under my knee to keep it in place, and to keep me on my feet.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to undergo the surgery, and order to move on with my life, the issue was beginning to keep me from doing even the simplest of daily tasks, and from doing my job. It even pushed school back for me.

Currently, I support myself, besides my job I have no other form of income, and with this surgery I am not allowed to be weight-baring, or too mobile. I’ve just begun my physical therapy in hopes of recovering faster, and I’m already making great progress for being two weeks out of surgery.

But of course, none of this is free, and I am currently on FMLA leave from my job until I am able to get back on my feet, literally. I have a lot of bills, not only including the bill for surgery, the hospital, and physical therapy, but also my rent, food, insurance, pet expenses, and so on. Anything would help to get through these next few months, and I would be forever grateful to anyone who is able to donate anything to help me on my road to recovery.

Thank you.


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