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At the end of August 2018 my best friend called me and invited me to a conversation at his home.

We have been friends for 25 years now and were always there for each other when something happened.

He is a single parent with 3 children and is self-employed. I have admired him again and again for his organizational talent.

How do you manage to run the household alone, do the shopping, do the homework with the children, run your business and always drive the kids to their respective training facilities several times a week?

I would be lost without my wife.

The conversation was devastating. Patrick had gone to the hospital a few days earlier due to constant bowel bleeding.
The diagnosis: adenocarcinoma of the rectum with hepatic metastasis stage IVA.

An urgent operation was necessary to remove an almost 10cm tumor, to remove a part of the liver, as well as various other interventions in the area of the prostate, etc.
The children should stay with us during this time.

Then it was time. The doctor advised Patrick to put his “affairs” in order, as he did not see much success in getting him out of the operating room. We were all shocked.

The man who was always such a fighter, never gave up no matter what stones were put in his way, the man who was never ill (not even had a family doctor), was now there tied to the bed without much chance of success.

One day before the operation we all visited him again with his children. We ran into tears, his words sounded so full of hope and confidence. However, we had followed the discussions with the doctor and knew what was coming to him.

The operation went relatively well with 4 hours. A protective loop-ilostoma was created and he came to the intensive care unit. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Three days later he was getting worse. The chief physician was called and it turned out that one millimeter was forgotten when sewing up and blood poisoning was just spreading. An emergency surgery was ordered and the “problem” was solved as soon as possible.

Due to these errors 8 other smaller OPs followed because a sponge was inserted into his rectum to “suck out” the damage by means of a vacuum pump.

After 6 weeks he was finally through and had lost 18 kg but he was alive. According to doctors everything went well. Chemotherapy was prescribed (12 cycles of folinic acid, 5-fluorouracil with oxaliplatin), one of the strongest chemotherapy available.

After the 4th chemotherapy he was so ill that he could hardly get out of bed for a week. A conversation with the oncologist led to the poison being reduced by 25%.

The 5th chemotherapy was even worse. It was again reduced by 25%, without success, the 6, ran even worse.

It was agreed to let the chemotherapy be and hope that it was sufficient.

Since he was self-employed, he could not earn any money in that time and is facing financial ruin. He would have to give up his flat on the 5th floor (without elevator) because he is too weak on foot to carry the shopping high.

I would like to try to help him get back on his feet through this fundraising campaign, move into a flat on the ground floor, bridge the time until he has recovered and can take care of his children again.

I thank you so much for your help and ask you to share it as much as possible to help him. The donations will be paid out to him at 10%.

I am also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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