Mom is losing house fund to pay for movers GoFundME Campaign

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My mom is losing her house and she got a lot to move. So my moms house let me begin from the start she got the house back when I was 17 and it was me and her. My mom divorced my dad when I was young. She meant my step dad soon after. She marred my step dad 5 years later where thay lived together in Pocatello, Idaho for 3 year. I was living with my dad in Boise at the time and was getting ready to move in with my mom and step dad untell he was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away. She moved to Payette to be close to her family sold her house in Pocatello in a very bad deal and lost money on it only to put down a quarter of payment of what see got on this house the this house. It has been a struggle for her to pay on the house and me and family could only do so much to help her money wise so she moved out and moved in with my grandma and rented out the house to pay it off. Well because of this she lost money due to people not paying rent and courts not really doing much to help in civil matters I mean thay can only do so much and the place she worked also closed down so she has been looking for work she did find something months later but it was to little to late which puts her to now 12 months behind on payments  which is 8,400.00 she owes and was all most foreclosed on but I ended up paying hafe on 3,200.00 and more money to tare down trailer so far it has cost me to. Be in debt and I had to move to Boise with my dad were I got a better job to pay off my debt so shes has no choice to sell so she can get something out of it. I don’t think its going to go the way she thinks it will but we will see. So I’m not getting really any help to move stuff off of property to clean up. I will have to hire people to help so that why I’m doing this because I can only pay help $250 so far out of pocket and need about $2000 for how many people I need and plus days it will take. I em asking for a little bit more for the charge fees and some things  from this site and any extra thing I might need I hate to ask for hand out’s from people I don’t know but I’m desperate and running out of time. My mom is a good person that no matter what she is going through she is always there to help people so now I hope that some of you out there can help her out.

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