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Mogely is a 10 y/o rambunctious Boston Terrier (what BT isn’t?) who was diagnosed with canine meningoencephalitis of immune origin two days after celebrating his decade milestone. Before this diagnosis, he was completely healthy…completely!

The neurology team thinks his immune system went haywire when he was given vaccinations this year. He immediately had a reaction to one vaccine and the site had to be biopsied. Prior to this date, he was originally diagnosed with a knee problem on 10/24/18 and rapidly progressed from there. I took him back to the vet on 10/27/18 for this progression where he then failed the same neurological exam that he passed on 10/24 (that’s how fast this was).

This was very heartbreaking to watch as we then knew it wasn’t a knee and instead was something in his brain. Mogely’s symptoms were very subtle on 10/24 (left hind leg kicking out when walking, bunny hopping up stairs and attacking his brother for no reason, which he had never done). The previous day we were able to complete a 2 mile hike with no difficulties. By 10/27 he was circling, bumping into things on right side, seemed confused for potty time, falling off couch, etc.

He failed response to knuckling on that examination. I was given a referral for a neurologist of my choice, with the instruction of getting him in to whichever place could see him on Monday. I did not wait until Monday. I brought him into a pet ER on Sunday morning as the facility’s Neurologist makes rounds 7 days a week. Mogely was diagnosed the next day after having MRI and CSF. He remained in the hospital for 6 days. The prognosis is not known, initially he showed improvement after starting chemo infusion to suppress his immune system and high dose steroids to decrease the inflammation.

He has since not improved, but I am told there is still hope left by his neurology team. I have since switched Neurologists due to many factors and I felt like I was not being told everything and that the team was missing signs of deterioration.

The Neurologist said he was improving, but I saw no evidence of that. In fact, he has now progressed to partial seizures, which he did not have initially on presentation to the first Neurologist. He is now very weak in his hind legs, completely neglects his right side, and circles like there is no tomorrow. The new Neurologist is changing his treatment plan just a bit, but told me this past Thursday to not give up hope and hang in there.

Mogely needs at least 3 more weeks to respond at minimum. I am working with him on regaining his balance through physical therapy. He has not become any worse so this is a good sign.  Prognosis will not be known until we see how he responds to treatment.

Mogely is my absolute joy in life and I will fight for him until he can no longer fight. I know my pup is still in this shell of a body as he shows me briefly each day. If he survives, he will not be allowed to receive any vaccination of any kind. Luckily, our state has a lenient medical exemption policy or we would be forced to move. Timing is everything, the week all of this happened, I was scheduled for my final interview for a dream job opportunity. Once I found out Mogely’s chances of recovery depends on someone being with him and administering medications on time, I knew I had to give the opportunity up and realize that more job opportunities will come.

Some dogs survive this disease and go into remission while living beyond 3 years from diagnosis, some relapse many times, and some do not survive. Mogely is not showing signs so far that he will not survive, the goal is to get his seizures under control, which will allow the brain to recuperate. So far, all of his bills have been paid for through care credit and I am giving up as many life luxuries as possible: garage in Colorado, cable, dining out (including fast food), and selling my new hybrid bike that I just bought.

All of these things are not enough to exempt myself from financial hardship as I just had major surgery earlier in October with a high deductible health insurance plan (and I work for an insurance company). This donation account was set up for those who wish to donate, please no negative comments. If you cannot donate (I understand completely), please share the story! Thank you!

Here is more information on his condition.

I have attached photos of all of his medical bills related to this condition in the updates section. Any donation is appreciated more than you’ll ever know! As a token of gratitude, we will be offering a meet and greet in 2019 in the United States to one lucky donor so be sure to include your name for a drawing. Of all the donations I have made over the years, it would be awesome to have met the special animals I helped save. Mogely would be honored to meet you! You can check out his recovery on instagram – handle @moge_and_ted

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