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Hello, my name is Christina Power. My Husband, Shawn, who is turning 39 years old and was recently diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and Type II CRPS.
Shawn is known by many as a very talented, giving, and fun loving man. Over the last three years, he has fallen into a very dark place with constant nightmares and extreme anxiety along with manic depression.
After being admitted into psychiatric care, at a Canadian hospital in Pembroke, Shawn is getting the help he needs. Our families and friends have helped us as much as they can. Since his anxiety and depression has become so overwhelming since he closed his company two years ago and now being a victim of workplace violence. They have shown so much support since he was choked, thrown and mocked by the bosses son. Which, lead him to have time off for chronic back pain, when he was thrown into the fridge and hot water tank. However, since he had to write the formal complaint, reliving the scenario became so overwhelming for him, led him to have a nervous breakdown, triggering many of his mental breakdowns and almost committing suicide, again!
Work was his stability, for him it was his medication for his mental illness. Now, that seems not possible, with His Back, CRPS and mental health, his doctors think it is time he gets the financial help from Government insurance, especially for his treatments and medications. I cannot afford to support all our Mortgage, bills and food. Luckily we are debt free at this time but do not want to go down that path again as it is what made him become triggered after a tax audit 5 years ago. Took two years and led him to bankruptcy over a bad play by his accountant.

Anyways, He was admitted at the recommendation of his doctors the second time he went to the hospital for his back from being injured by him being attacked by his boss. But, this may be a very long process for our family as this may end being a life long diagnosis. Hoping not, but will require significant care, treatment, attention and medication to get him back to fully normal, if it is possible, but at least back to have the drive and lose the depression that this and his childhood that he suffered through.
You may not be aware of the significant cost of mental health care in Canada for such diagnoses, especially with insurance that does not cover or covers parts of non-government funded health care.
Costs can exceed $20,000 for just one year.
Shawn will likely have to stay for months.  After he is released we still don’t know how we are going to afford over 25 pills a day that he is currently on, plus be accepted for short term Disability Benefits. We know they are keeping him till his medications are effective enough for him to be released. What will be the next steps or the costs for his treatments, care or medications?
Anyone who knows our family and friends knows that we are all some of the most generous and caring people you can meet. They fill the lives of others with so much love and support but being we cannot keep asking for them to be depended on, nor is it fair, especially in such a difficult time. So we seek help from the community, so we do not lose everything during this time, as now we are just a single income family until things get settled with Disability benefits or if he decides to sue them for the incident and now wrongful dismissal.
The financial toll this has had on our family is overwhelmingly stressful, especially for his recovery. I am hoping that you can help lessen the burden of this unforeseen financial hardship.
Any funds received in excess of those needed for Shawn’s treatments and medications will go to helping other people and families in similar situations, helping those victimized by workplace violence and mental health.
My family really appreciates any help you can provide – financially and through your caring thoughts.
If you can help with legal advice or help with this matter of workplace violence, will be more than appreciated.
Please share to make people aware of workplace violence and what can happen.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your support and we will be more than grateful if you can help us financially.
Again thank you and have a wonderful day and even better year.
Even $1 can make a difference at this time, so please help!

Kind regards,

Christina, Shawn and Curtis of the Power Family.

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