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Greetings Everyone!
I’m Meta Sis. I was born and raised in the great USA. I proudly served as a nurse practitioner and rescuer for approximately 15 years or until becoming disabled while on duty.
I am leaning on the community and benevolent people like you to help see me through a very hard time in my life. I have exhausted other avenues and am now campaigning to enlist financial help. While serving, I was unfortunately horribly sexually abused and harassed leaving me scarred for life. As a woman who dedicated her life to serving our country, our freedoms, and our beliefs I should have never suffered and endured such trauma. As I am aging and alongside other debilitating conditions I am “disenfranchised” and now, in great need of being rescued!
Each day, I wake up to battle here at home and enjoy constitutional rights. The county where I live seems highly socialized and costly, especially about obtaining permits with seemingly endless stipulations for land development. My savings are utterly exhausted which makes me worry about what fate may befall me without financial intervention.
Numerous veterans experience this, a sense of abandonment from their own country and end up homeless. Contributions will save me, my land and pets from disaster and appreciated beyond words. We will be able to stay and live our lives in relative peace and through our golden years.
When you donate, you will receive a personal and heart felt message in reply. If you cannot donate please circulate my story with your friends, family, and associates. Perhaps people you know are willing to help or further share this true story…
Thanks for taking time to read my desperate plea for help!
& Pets

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