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Globally, we have all witnessed tones of food wasted as short expiry foods dumped in landfills; The foods in nearly all cases are removed from supermarket/Food store/Grocery shelves very near to their sell-By dates and often ends up dumped in landfills where it continues the emission of Greenhouse Gases as it decompose. If Food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses after China & the USA. Agriculture & Livestock production are leading emitters of Carbon catapulting climate change. Just simply eliminating any form of Food waste Cuts the pressure to produce more food unethically, lifting off pressure on our ecology & saves the planet.
The dumping of short expiry – Yet good food – to landfills yet Four 4 Billion Global citizenry lack better food isn’t really ethical;and we must all rise to the occasion and cut that magnitude of Food waste.
We have created the Revolutionary Meals concept- The concept works with food manufactures, suppliers ,supermarkets and Food stores to turn on all short expiry foodstuffs at discounted selling price ( Up to 80% Discounted) instead of discarding them; we have then initiated a program that enrolls school children from poor backgrounds ( and who hardly access decent balanced diets) to school feeding programs at designated feeding/school centers; the feeding program provides a complete balanced meal from the would be expired/discarded foodstuffs to hundreds of underfed children.
Todate, 400 children benefit from this noble program, have 1 complete balanced meal daily costing $0.75 . So for 1 year the feeding budget is $130,000. We do have Hundreds of thousands of underfed children and If we raise more Financial Resources we will enroll more.
Our approach is have partners/donors adopting the Feeding centers/Schools; each center has an average of 100 children enrolled, we do propose to Rebrand/Rename each center after any willing donor who may become our partner and adopt.
The immediate impact of this concept; Reducing the high levels of malnutrition in school going children in Sub-Sahara Africa, improve their overal health, hence they improve on their Education Uptake and concentration thus Healthy, Better educated Future generations to tackle the heavy Global Challenges we face tomorrow.
Ultimate Broad Impact of the Concept? Slashes over 90% of Food waste from Food Store/Grocery/Supermarket, Increasing their Revenue by up to 30%, Rescue more food towards expiry to feed more underfed children/ families, Reduce the burden of unsold food, Cut the accelerating Greenhouse gases & Carbon effect of Agriculture & Livestock on climate and save our planet for our future Generations.
The team behind Revolutionary Meals brings a vast and diverse collection of highly-relevant experiences and skills to the concept. Blessed with Love & passion for the Zero Food Waste Concept; Armed With invaluable insights about the underlying issues &experience, They all have the ability to relay direction passionately, easily range from leaders to apprentices, relate to a wide array of people & learnt to operate in multicultural/lingual setups purposely to make the concept to resonate. We have the determination to deliver an all-new approach to delight nostalgic and new generations of believers in ending food wastage.

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