Ron’s Road To Recovery GoFundME Campaign

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Ron Goggin, is a service business owner, who suffered a debilitating stroke, and has recently undergone brain aneurysm neurosurgery. Along, with both a stent in his right carotid artery and bypass surgery on his left carotid artery..The cargo van in the photo below, is where Ron was stricken by the stroke, as he had hoped to convert the vehicle into an RV. , and cruise the country strumming his guitar in the great wide open.

But, circumstance would have it otherwise..,  and at12.99% interest, and over $600.00 per month payment for his wheels, his hopes for RVing have been put on hold, and likely out of reach.Since he works with his hands, often on a high ladder, Ron’s livelihood or trade is dependent on his physical strength, balance and agility, so therefore, this page has been set up to help him with his recovery and/or transition to a less demanding line of work or process of making a living.

Unable to work effectively at present, all donations will be vastly appreciated and utilized for Ron’s medical and transportation costs, and his all around well-being.Being both a musician and songwriter, and student of Rock music from age 15, Ron , is also known as ‘Pariahdise’,  which as a musical act, has produced some memorable lines and lyrics. And his being partial to old-style rock & roll, has also created some catchy music.  Each song,  whether on this main page, or, as future updates to this gofundme campaign, was written, produced,  arranged, engineered and mainly performed by Ron via live guitars recorded with his computer, in his home.

The home of which he has lost, after his stroke.If you appreciate  original music, offered up for your entertainment or evaluation, don’t forget to ‘read previous updates’; and Please consider sparing what you can, so that Ron can get through what he is facing..   Thanks, ‘Pariahdise’.

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