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Pacific Harbour Multicultural School (PHMCS) is a community school serving majority local Fijian students (91%). We offer a unique curriculum based on the Fijian syllabus but with elements of Australian and New Zealand programmed. As we’re an independent school we receive NO government funding and need support. Please help us provide the same quality education to these kids that we were fortunate to receive.


Pacific Harbour Multicultural School  (PHMCS) is a unique, independent and self funding community school based on the Coral Coast in Fiji. Our school caters to both a small ex-pat community (approx. 9% students) and local Fijian families (approx. 91% students). As we are an independent school, we receive no financial assistance from the Fijian Ministry of Education and are totally dependent upon school fees and fundraising to pay all school expenses, including paying teachers salaries. However, we are unable to sustain the school in this manner, and are facing potential closure or assimilation into a Fijian public school, which generally have class sizes of 40-45 students studying a strict Fijian curriculum and outdated teaching methods.

We maintain small class sizes (max 25 students) in order to foster a sense of “school family” and to provide students with closer supervision and assistance and individual learning paths. Our curriculum is based on the Fijian Ministry of Education syllabus, however we offer an expanded programme of study, incorporating elements from New Zealand and Australia.


Fees are kept low to maintain the multi-cultural focus of the school. Many families have both parents working, some with two jobs, often with a combined weekly income of only $75FJD. A number of these families can only afford to pay their fees weekly. Public Education in Fiji is free, however these parents sacrifice in order to send their children to our school because they value education and see it as a way to empower their children.

Our School’s Strategic Vision aims to modernize the school, essential elements of this being our holistic approach to learning, teaching critical thinking and individual learning pathways for students. We are also working towards incorporating IT into our classrooms and PHMCS aims to be the first Fijian E-Learning hub, producing students that are well prepared for an increasingly technological workplace. But we can’t do this if we are unable to survive. We need funds to ensure the school can meet its financial obligations as well as to make improvements to our facilities, modernise classrooms and teaching aids, provide extra-curricula activities for students and purchase equipment to facilitate educational IT, including training for staff.


Currently we run classes from Early Childhood Education (ECE) through to Year 8. Whilst we have limited facilities, our students, being typically Fijian, make the best of what they have. Most of our sports equipment has been been provided from kind donors such as the Fiji Soccer Association, and local businesses.

They play netball on grass with a single netball hoop; they play rugby with bent goal posts (and with anything they can use as a ball!) and play soccer with nets that are full of holes. Despite this, our school Rugby Team, recently won it’s local derby of three other schools, and several students went on to represent our district (Serua), with our U14 District Team winning the National Competition and three students being selected by the Fijian Rugby Union (FRU) to train and compete for their country!

Our students engage with the community in such environmental activities such as “Beach Clean Up” and education by St Johns Ambulance.

In a world that is becoming increasingly divided by race, religion and skin colour, PHMCS stands as a beacon to what can happen when children from different backgrounds learn and play together.

At PHMCS, we are ALL Fijians and it is vital that our school survive and grow so that we may continue to produce students who will grow into socially aware, environmentally mature, creative, innovative and motivated adults, who will challenge the status quo and help them become critically engaged citizens dedicated to solving problems and contributing to the greater good of society. We cannot do this without your help. Please donate where you can, share this page with your networks (family, friends, work colleagues, ANYONE), and please, help us
                                                                     SAVE OUR SCHOOL!


Whilst we currently cater only to Year 8, we have plans for a secondary school (Years 9-13) that will be essentially dual stream; one stream being a traditionally academic pathway and one being a technically based VETiS (Vocational Education Training in School), allowing all children to obtain an education that best meets their abilities and passions and improves the quality of education for up to 240 Primary students, with the Secondary College a further 250 students, and providing these students with a bright start to their adult lives. Further information on this can be found at our website:

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