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Hi, my name is Maleka. I work full-time as a School Bus Driver in Long Island. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with special needs children and adults, and I enjoy every minute of it. On June 18th , after a slip and fall accident, I suffered an ankle fracture to my right ankle.

I was put on disability, and expected to return back to work in December. My fiancé was forced to stop working to take care of me and accompany me to my appointments. During the first month of this injury , I didn’t receive any disability payments and we had to use whatever cash we had on hand so we could eat and have gas to get to my appointments. A month and a half later, I received my first disability check and soon realized we wouldn’t be able to make any of our payments.

We tried our best to allocate our funds appropriately but it wasn’t enough. We applied for public assistance and were denied. It is now November and I have just returned back to work, still not fully recovered but capable of my duties. I fought very hard to go back to work, making sure to attend all appointments and regain movement in my right ankle so I would be able to drive.

I’m thankful to be back at work but the backed up payments are overwhelming. We are behind in every way possible and are also facing eviction. The cars that we’ve worked hard for and use everyday to get to and from work are in the process of being repossessed. We are trying our best to catch up on payments but we are too far behind. This has been a stressful journey and we’ve been through it physically, emotionally and mentally.

We are only asking because we absolutely have to and we would really appreciate any help towards helping us keep our home and get back on our feet. Thank you and God bless.

I’ve been out of work for 4 months due to an ankle fracture , now that I’m back to work I am facing eviction and about to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for.

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