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Looking for help to help those school boys someone to seat and take classes, better school supplements. Back to school is effective in the urban commune of this small town , as in other localities of the country. But it is clear that many difficulties exist and hinder the smooth running of educational activities after a month and a half of classes.

Among these difficulties, the plethora numbers in the classes, the lack of white tables, the unavailability of school supplies of the current year and the canteen. Thanks to decentralization, the management of these needs has been transferred to the communes.

If the original goal was to reduce the delivery time of these school consumables, the reality on the ground is quite different. The actors complain of the delay of the municipality in providing them with the necessary material to carry out the educational activities. they recognize that schools are experiencing some difficulties.

Teachers believe that the minimum binder that each student must receive does not meet the standards. In fact, school supplies for the current year are not available. The classes started with the safety stock for the 2017-2018 school year. The school canteen is not available either.

The director of the primary school, summarizes these difficulties to the lack of tables-benches and the quality of some notebooks whose leaves stand alone and some colored pens that do not write. “Since the beginning of the classes, the 60 or so students  are sitting on the floor”

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