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April 6, 2019 9:59 PM0 commentsViews: 2

This is the hardest thing to do! I do not like asking for help, but I need help! As a government contractor, I was recently laid off again! I lost my home and a lot of my belongings because of the eviction! I really need assistance!

I was laid off for seven months prior to landing an opportunity with the government, but lost this job after my contract ended.

I am currently in a shelter and need financial help!

All of my savings and two week severance depleted after the first lay off and now this!

I fell behind with my mortgage and property taxes and once I arrived home on Friday, my belongings were placed on the lawn and locked out of my home and no place to go! I never thought this would be the outcome of my life, but I’m failing and desperately need help!

LIFE is taking me in so many bad directions and no answers! We never know where life will take us! I can’t handle this hand I’m dealt! :-(

I appreciate any assistance! :-(

Venmo:, Helen-Smith-77



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