Striving Musician GoFundME Campaign

January 15, 2019 2:25 AM0 commentsViews: 1

Trying to raise money for upcoming projects. Hello my name is Jameel Kearney my artist name is versatile I’m from west Philadelphia my music talent is Rnb.

I have done tons of shows such as open mics venues. I have tried hard to build a stable fan base and keep the music coming. I’ve been in the studio a few times and got some work done but it got expensive. I was working on my mixtape the goldmind but I couldn’t finish because of financial interference but I still try every now and then to get back to it when I have the money.

My music is great and if you gave it a chance you wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Small donations is highly appreciated from this end. My artist idols are Michael Jackson and Brian McKnight and Chris Brown. So therefore you will get an awesome vibe from me I’m very down to earth. My dream is to be an icon one day and influence young people with an positive message.

I left my links  at the bottom where you can see my videos and the sound I’m trying to produce
Facebook Jameel Kearney
Instagram@ versatile real page
Twitter @versatility add me follow me and I will follow you back contact me any time here’s some of my work so you can see where  I’m coming from
And you can buy the music to

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