Support Middle School Girls Day Out Events GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

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I am a middle school teacher in Jacksonville, Fl. I have noticed that many of our girls need additional guidance and support from other women in the school and/or community. I wanted to celebrate the successes of young ladies within our school. The “Girls Day Out” allows young girls to be exposed to new experiences, applauded for their efforts to stay on the right track ( academically or behaviorally) or applauding them for their improvements in these areas, a celebration of sisterhood and being able to meet other young ladies, have conversations and an opportunity to make new friends.

The money raised will allow 125 additional girls to be sponsored for the “Girls Day Out” events that I will create this year. The events will vary but they will all consist of an opportunity to have fun or try something new and fellowship with other young ladies and a meal. The goal amount is broken down to $30 per girl attending the event which would cover the expenses for the day and transportation costs.

Most venues in the city charge $15-$25 for activities and roughly the same to bring them to the school. Using the school bus is approximately $3-$5 per kid depending on the destination and hours needed.

If an event has a price lower than the above cost : additional girls are invited.

All money net raised goes to sponsoring activities, awards and gifts for the ladies attending the events.

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