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I’m raising money to pay for the sales tax, personal property tax, and titling of my car. I was injured at work which cost me my job. After two months of healing my shoulder, I’m back at work. I now make way less money. I’ve managed to keep things caught up or made payment arrangements, however I can’t afford the extra expense of tags and taxes.

If you watched the video below, you have an idea of why I need help. I estimated high on my funding goal because this is what I know. Missouri will get you!! Lol

A brief history of my journey is on January 16, 2014 I set out to turn my life around. After years of struggling with addiction issues, I got clean. Got a decent job working for a Contractor at GM Fairfax in Kansas City. Lived in an Oxford House for two years. Began my Living Amends.

Managed to pay off fines and get my Drivers License back last spring. Got my dream job last October. TRAGEDY struck in December, I was injured at work and lost my job.

BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I had held on to my former job at the GM plant. However, it took 2 months for my shoulder to heal enough that it didn’t kill me to move it.

Been back at work for 3 weeks now. Things are falling into place. Got the utilities caught up, insurance, car payments, rent on a payment plan. I’ve been blessed beyond belief.

Breakdown is this:
$1482.04…to the dealership for what they went over budget paying my car off
$800…title, registration, and late fees…
the rest is my guess of what sales tax is going to be…

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!! Any small amount is greatly appreciated!! Should I go over all proceeds will be donated to Friends of Recovery Association, Overland Park, KS


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