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My name is Sharon and I am a single mother with 3 beautiful children. My oldest daughter is in college , my only son is 11 and my youngest daughter is 5. I have been battling custody issues with my ex for years. I have tried to bring my son and youngest daughter to their father every week due to a court order. Unfortunately, my kids had had issues with their father in the past and are terrified to go to him.

Each time I brought them, the police were involved in trying to get the kids to go to their father but they just wouldn’t. They would historically cry and scream and beg to go back home. Now, the judge who is working on our case, my ex lawyer/ therapy who hired by him are all saying I am an unfit/ alienation mother and that I have not complied with the court order, but I have. I have brought my kids every single time to where I needed to bring them.

Towards the 1st week of August I had attended court,right then and there the judge decided to forcefully have my kids stay with their father till before the school started to build a relationship with him. During the drop off, my son and daughter had begged not to go crying and even my son had threatened to kill himself because he was so afraid of his father due to previous cases of abuse. But, for them to stay with their father they had hires many therapists to be there . They all barely let me contact my kids.

Now, I was supposed to have my kids back before school started but then they were taken away from me. The judge and my ex lawyer had said that kids were now staying with their father and that I have no right to see them unless supervised. I am a great mother to these kids & I sacrifice for them. I have worked so hard to be able to provide them, pay for my daughters college tuition, and anything they all needed or wanted. Never have I had a case against me, about being a bad parent. I work so hard and care and love them, and now they have taken my kids away for no right reason.

I am now forced to spend almost every last penny I have to pay for the psychologists, legal fee and therapists. I need my kids back, they have been begging to come back home. They have been taken away from me. And took all my rights as a mother away when I have not done anything wrong.

Since August 17, 2018 I spoke to my kids few time and limited time. And I saw them 1 time for 1 hour last September 3,2018. Until now I haven’t heard anything from them or see them. Although my older daughter who was helping me since the beginning she was not allowed to see her siblings.

While having to pay for many bills, my daughter college tuition, the therapists and psychologists, I have to find a way to be able to pay for a lawyer and everything else to help me get my kids back. Please help me get my kids back. I miss them so much going back and forth in the court system for a while and all the money I saved for emergencies is gone and it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay for legal fees.

I am asking friends and family to help out with donations so I am able to complete this matter and get on with my life and back on my feet. I will use this money to pay for a lawyer to help me to get through this matter. Thank you for your help in advance. I truly appreciate it.

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