Wanda’s Last Wish GoFundME Crowd Funding Exposure Campaign

September 29, 2018 12:32 AM0 commentsViews: 1

This is my loving wife, Wanda. We’ve been married for over 17 yrs. During and including the last 5 yrs., she’s had breathing problems. This past July, she was put in hospice home care for terminal COPD. Her condition is getting progressively worse by the week.

Her financial assistance has been cut to almost nothing & the normal bills we were able to pay, now seem insurmountable. Her only wish is to see that she has a roof over her head, food in the house for us and to pass on in a comfortable way. That is now being threatened by debt, co-pays for her medication and related expenses.

I want her to live out the time she has left, not worrying about financial burdens and to pass away safe. We would welcome any help possible.


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