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I am making and performing music that relaxes and heals people. I would like to branch out from just doing ambient music and add backing (full band).

Everyone will benefit from this by being entertained, relaxed and healed. I do regular live streams on Twitch where you can watch live or you can watch my vods to hear my current style. With the Genos I will be able to cater for all Genre’s and even make up my own!

The funds will be used to purchase a Yamaha Genos (demo here ) and accessories such as a quality carry case and the Yamaha Speakers. Also an external sound card to capture the sound to my laptop for live streams.

I have a few events coming up and need the keyboard as soon as possible, preferably before the middle of May.

The support will mean so much to me! The last time I played a keyboard with left hand accompaniment was about 16 years ago! It was shortly after I left school, having done my highers. I got a standard grade – credit 2 in music, where keyboard was my primary instrument and drums were my secondary instrument. I really want to get back into it and entertain and heal people.

My dream is to help relax and heal people through music and I will be inordinately grateful for any support I receive towards this goal

see you on a live stream soon! Thank You for taking the time to read my campaign!

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