A Broken Heart Can Kill You

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Life can be challenging, even overwhelming. Tornados strike. The debilitating illness weighs in at us down. Unexpectedly we lose somebody we hold expensive. Life has a way of stressing us to the limit of our capability to cope.

The National Start of Health lately reported that each year over 60 Zillion Americans seek treatment for anxiety and depression as a result of the actual mental strain these people experience. Women particularly seem to be particularly mired as over 2/3 from the visits to doctors along with hospitals were made by women.

May is actually National Women’s Wellness Month and it’s a great time to examine the powerful role that stress can have on our way of life and health. What’s clear is that the tension of daily living can perform more than unnerve our hearts.

Sometimes hearts obtain broken. I don’t imply broken just in the usual sense, from a relationship that has gone sour. No minds can become cracked just like a piece of delicate the far east.

After being battered by emotional or even psychological upheavals, our minds can become broken on the inside. Overwhelming grief or even sadness can break our hearts.

Know what I’m talking about? Most people do. Most people have had their hearts deeply hurt in one way or another. The pain, the anguish, or heartache is really so shocking that we may go through like giving up on existence.

But did you know that the broken heart might literally kill a person? It’s true. A broken heart can be lethal. And unfortunately, women may be at the greatest risk.

Medical researchers recently identified a new sickness called The Broken Coronary heart Syndrome. First described in 1991 by Japanese physicians, The Broken Heart Syndrome is a medical condition that afflicts predominately middle-aged woman and leads to symptoms similar to a heart attack.

Women statement chest pain, shortness of breath along with feelings of severe fatigue. The symptoms in many cases are so frightening they seek medical help. When they present to the actual emergency room, they frequently come with an abnormal EKG and may even be suffering with severe shortness of breath and a buildup of fluid in the lungs-congestive coronary heart failure.

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