Ceramic Water Crocks

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At the Water Crock Shop, we have the best ceramic water crocks or dispensers for other beverages you may fancy. Our top quality dispensers make an ideal addition to every home. These easy to use dispenses are designed for counter top or wooden stand use. Using the porcelain water crocks we offer, you can be sure you are receiving 100% lead free vitrified ceramic that provides you with up to 2.5 gallons water storage. We also have larger volumes to fit your distinctive needs. In case you are looking for more than a water host, you can choose from the variety we have at hand including ceramic apple juice dispensers, lemonade dispensers, tea servers and more.

Our collection is diverse, offering you an option from designer cock sets, the printed collection, our own WCS unique designs, the seaside collection, the country collection, Native American collection the animal collection, the embossed sports pots or the spiritual selection.
Our famous ceramic water dispensers come with 2-3 gallon water reservoirs that can easily support the 5 gallon drinking water bottle. A great accompaniment to your kitchen, living room or bedroom, you can also use the variety of pots in our collections with regard to serving favorite beverages at your gigs, events and family occasions or in your very own backyard.

The collection of ceramic water dispensers that we offer comes at an affordable price for every pocket. These crocks are also environmentally friendly, absolutely no power consumption products.The vitrified porcelain is fired in high temperature kiln and is also cadmium free.
The porcelain water pots come with a 48mm screw cap and measures Ten inches in diameter and 10 inches in height. The convenient as well as appealing .75 inch hardwood stand is standard for each crock, that also has a Tomlinson lever faucet that bears a plastic protection ring to make sure that your precious drink does not leak.

Available in different styles, these ceramic water crocks match your home decor. The porcelain does not chip effortlessly and are useful water cooling units on low costs as well as low maintenace. There is no need for periodic service, and also the ceramic has the qualities that keep your water cool and smell free. You need not use electricity nor have you got a notice pending over your head that your need to substitute this part or another once some specified time elapses.

So go on and get yourself a porcelain water crock or a ceramic beverage host of your choice from our selection and add some panache to your living space.

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