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Are you a parent residing in fear that your kid has grown into a troubled teen? Seeking assist can be difficult, because there are so many people who point the finger at the mother and father and lay fault for the problems an adolescent is facing. The truth is, teenagers all struggle from a lot of problems, and some handle this better than others. Bad behavior at home is often a reflection of problems in school or fitting into society. That is exactly where troubled teen programs can help you.

In fact, through using troubled teenager schools and associated programs, it is possible that you could help your child and come out looking like the actual trusting, loving, as well as caring parent that you are. Located in Loa, Utah, Horse Journeys is a fully-functional ranch that helps troubled teens and young adults overcome social and emotional turmoil and learn to be a helpful, reputable member of the family and society. We’re licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services, so you can be confident that we’re qualified to help your teenager or teen child become successful in life.

Unlike other colleges for troubled teens, Equine Journeys partners self-improvement and hard work with a reward system of riding lessons and enjoyment rides. Teenagers as well as young adults learn how to manage horses, raise livestock, chickens, and other plantation animals, with the perspective of learning skills that they can use later.

In order to make certain that our programs for troubled teens works well, we’re located in a remote area of Ut so that our college students are able to be removed from the actual sources of problems that might be hampering their ability to cope and learn valuable life skills. All of our students stay in a residential housing complicated within a half of miles of the ranch, allowing us to focus on providing them with the support they need. The basic program lasts for 120 days with the option to increase the amount of the program in One month intervals.

During this time, every student will have a lot of responsibilities to help using the day to day functionality of the ranch, as well as opportunities to learn to ride farm pets, improve their socialization skills with other students, as well as learn in an atmosphere that allows them to recuperate and heal from what triggered their own behavioral problems.

When your teenager be at the ranch during the school year, they will continue their high school education through an accredited on the internet education program to ensure they do not fall behind on their schooling.

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