Skin Products from Dead Sea Salt

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Are you looking for skin products in the Dead Sea that may restore your skin’s health insurance and well-being? Well then, with Jericho Skin care you’ve got the right items from Dead Ocean salt and Lifeless Sea mud to help restore you skins healthy look, conserve a clear skin and correct any signs of aging.
So what is the secret of products from Dead Sea salt? The secret is in the unique mineral as well as salt combination that can only be found in the Lifeless Sea. In addition, deep on the bottom of the Dead Sea, black dirt absorbs all the vitamins and minerals and the minerals through Dead Sea drinking water, thus creating an organic skincare treatment that will help with many skin issues.
Skin products from Lifeless Sea minerals and salt are beneficial for women and men from all ages and ethnicities. Jericho Skincare offers products through Dead Sea sodium, Dead Sea mud and others complementing nutrients like essential oils, vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins.
The benefits of products through Dead Sea salt have been known since the beginning of time. There is a lot evidence of people enjoying the benefits of Dead Ocean salt and Dead Sea mud to treat both body and mind. Probably the most famous users of merchandise from Dead Ocean salt is no apart from the legendary queen Cleopatra.
It was in her own days that the very first health spas were constructed on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since that time a lot has changed, however people are still enjoying the wonderful benefits of products from Dead Sea salt and Dead Ocean mud.
Today there is a variety of skin products through Dead Sea sodium and Dead Sea mud, including face masks, bath salts, body scrubs and therapeutic soaps. The benefit that skin products from Dead Sea salt have on other skin care products is derived from natural source of its components. Dead Sea items promote health in order to nails, hair, body and face. They’re also proven benefits with regard to arthritis, joint pain and muscle pains.
Do you know the Most Popular Products From Dead Sea Sodium?
Dead Sea skin care products offer many skin benefits. A few of the products are more popular and considered to be “best sellers”. It’s not that these products are better than others; rather they are suitable for all skin types and may treat many skin issues. Here are the very best 3 Jericho Skincare most popular products from Dead Sea salt:
Lifeless Sea Salt Cleaning soap – Jericho Dead Sea Salt Soap rehydrates pores and skin, smoothes the surface of the skin and provides a gentle yet heavy clean.

Dead Sea Bath Salts — Enjoy a wonderful health spa experience in the comfort of your own house. Available in a variety of fragrances from exotic eucalyptus to some buttery vanilla, these Lifeless Sea salts tend to be fine-grained to quickly break down the salts in the bath water.

Relaxing Dead Sea Salt Scrub – The Relaxing Salt Scrub with Lavender or even Coconut-Vanilla relaxes both body and mind while softening, stimulating and cleansing the skin.


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