Xanogen Is it the Best Male Enhancement Product?

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Xanogen capsules are not among the finest known products in the male enhancement industry and many men have probably by no means heard of this product. Xanogen is often marketed on a variety of “adult content” websites where banner advertising promise to “add in . to your penis”, and that ultimately lead the web surfer to the Xanogen web site. The following statements are from the Xanogen website:

“Every guy has the potential to be a porno star in the bed room. Every man has got the potential – however all too few of us possess realized it. Our modern, stressful lifestyles drain our strength as well as deplete libido. However there’s an answer — Xanogen can help. We believe that simple solutions are best. That’s why we developed Xanogen to provide everything you need to regain libido, sexual prowess and complete masculinity. Merely follow the recommended regimen (two pills each day, every day) – that’s all you need to do.

Because really, what’s more important than total sexual satisfaction? With Xanogen you have the power to become the guy women adore. The person who leaves all of them wanting more. It’s easy, it’s guaranteed, and it’s helped thousands of men. Isn’t it time to supersize your erections and make your partner’s eye go wide? Attempt Xanogen today!”

Xanogen contains some popular herbs known for their effect on erectile function and improving overall sexual performance. The ingredients in Xanogen work to help improve blood flow to the penis as well as throughout the body — this helps men to attain and keep an erection to be able to successfully complete sexual intercourse. Xanogen also contains herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris which are used to increase testosterone and help in raising the libido.

Xanogen does contain some beneficial elements, although not as many as state of the art products like VigRX Plus, Prosolution Tablets, Vimax, and a few others. One thing we like about Xanogen is the fact that like most leading enhancement products, it does not contain Yohimbe, an ingredient used in some male enhancement formulas which can be very dangerous and is the subject of several Food and drug administration warnings against it is use. In our opinion Xanogen is a safe and fairly effective penile enhancement formula, although there are a number of products that will provide much more dramatic results.

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