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December 6, 2012 12:26 AMComments OffViews: 7 – The portal for all Yenaled branded businesses. Yenaled Restricted is the private investment vehicle of John Delaney, an UK entrepreneur, and was founded to initiate and develop multiple business ventures.

The Yenaled brand is not bound by certain industries or even product lines. Its goal is to establish businesses that are set apart from the competition and convey great value. | Long lasting Ingenuity | Investment Vehicle | Branded Businesses | Business Ventures | Business Entrepreneurship | Private Enterprise | – An online dating and career makeover web site that helps you concentrate your efforts by providing you with the tools to successfully negotiate today’s aggressive dating and work markets.

Our speciality dating and profession makeover services tend to be aimed at both men and women of all ages who have decided to draw a line in the sand and be proactive about finding a day(s) and/or a new career.

We have engineered a step-by-step programme that will lead you through a series of makeover experiences that will empower you to elevate your own self-image, assist you to fashion an alluring yet comfortable look, and set you in direct connection with either potential dating partners or prospective employers! | Online Transformation | Dating Makeover | Profession Makeover | Help Me Obtain a Date | Dating Design | Job Preparation |

world wide – A transformation directory of suggested local businesses that will personally assist you in achieving your desired is designed – career and dating success!

Whether young and haven’t dated much; or already been forging a career and just haven’t had the time up to now; or older and also have been out of circulation so long you’ve forgotten how to flirt, you will benefit from our unique along with comprehensive directory associated with dating and transformation services.

Tired of your current career, but concerned about stepping out of your safe place? Don’t know where to start searching for a new job? Finding it difficult to effectively complete a contemporary competency-based application form? Uncertain just how to present yourself inside a job interview? Contact one of the career and transformation service providers listed in our directory today and they’ll help you overcome these types of concerns | I Want A Makeover | Make Overs | Design Directory | Beauty Directory | Lifestyle Business | Profession Directory | – An UK Directory assisting you discover unique UK Companies; Made in UK Produce; UK Sports activities; UK Events; UK Blogs, and much more. An unique view in to the UK. Around the UK in 80 clicks!

We provide detailed UK information on request which is invaluable. Those choosing to list can benefit from the excellent internet based connections we can achieve; in addition to a strong backlink. | UK Issues | United Kingdom Business | Whats On UK | Blog Directory UK | Business Dir | Directory UK Co | – Buying Made Easy! Discover what the very best selling products are in the US & UK, and locate where you can buy them at the best cost.

Next time you need to buy something visit us 1ST (#BOOKMARK) to see what everyone else is purchasing. If 25,000 people buy an iPod within March and it’s the best-selling MP3, it’s likely to be good enough for you – and therefore for us, on your behalf, to research the BEST PLACE TO BUY In the BEST PRICE. Stick to the CROWD and you’ll be blown away at how much effort and money you can save! | Most popular List | New Hot sellers | Bestsellers UK | Bestsellers USA | Online Price Check| Popular Products |

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