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Top 5 Reasons How eMediaWorld.com Can Help You With Your Press Release Distribution

We make press releases simple! You can be confident that our press release distribution service is among the industry’s best.

eMediaWorld.com Reason 1

Reason 1: Simple to get started

No membership fees, No additional charges, No more stumbling and fumbling with complicated forms, you can register for a FREE eMediaWorld.com account and get started in literally minutes. Simply join today for FREE and join the thousands of other satisfied members inside.

eMediaWorld.com Reason #2

Reason 2: Fast approvals!

First time users can enjoy fast approvals in 4 hours or less which means your news hits the newswires quickly. If you have already registered for a FREE
eMediaWorld.com account, our automated submission service can have your release live on the newswires in minutes. Do you need help with distributing your news to be out today? Our editorial team helps you get your story out the same day.

eMediaWorld.com Reason #3

Reason 3: Fast, friendly eMediaWorld customer support

Guaranteed 24 hour response time using our online help at the bottom right of the eMediaWorld.com page. Often our customer service response time is less than 30 minutes, even for Free Press Release Distribution making eMediaWorld a leader in press release distribution satisfaction. You have peace of mind knowing that our friendly
eMediaWorld.com staff its there to help you with every step of the way with your press release distribution.

eMediaWorld.com Reason #4

Reason 4: Social media shares and RSS news feed

Through eMediaWorld.com you have quick access so readers can share your story in the social media circles. You can also quickly share with your online social communities. Through the eMediaWorld.com RSS feeds, your press release may get pickup by other outlets which can substantially boost the overall online exposureof your press release. eMediaWorld has over 10,000 Facebook followers and over 35,000 Twitter followers, ensuring your press release added exposure!

eMediaWorld.com Reason #5

Reason 5: Reliability

You do not want to issue your press release with a “fly by night” service that is here today and gone tomorrow. eMediaWorld is a leading online provider of press release distribution services. Of course there are other FREE Press release services out there but wouldn’t you want to be able to rely on the fact that your press release is distributed by

eMediaWorld.com, a leader in Press Release submission and Press Release Distribution. eMediaWorld has consistently ranked as a leading press release distribution service. eMediaWorld offers a comprehensive list of distribution channels that ensures your message is broadcasted on various new and media sites.

Whether you select our FREE Press Release Distribution or you opt for our Premium Press Release Distribution rest assured your press release will have a broad reach. With
eMediaWorld.com‘s affordable rates, your ROI is maximized on single and subscription plans.eMediaWorld does NOT require a major capital investment to use our services. There is never a membership fee. We offer a basic FREE press release distribution service which will help you announce your product, service, job, event or other need.If you wish to distribute your pres release with video’s, images, links, keywords or other premium press release features, eMediaWorld offers affordable premium press release distribution. 
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