Addictive Designs 2016 Academy Awards Gift Lounges to participate

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Addictive Designs has been formally invited to participate in the gift lounge with a select few at the 2016 Academy Awards in Hollywood CaliforniaAddictive Designs has been formally invited to participate in the gift lounge with a select few at the 2016 Academy Awards in Hollywood California! There is no bigger time of year in Hollywood than Oscar season as a record number of gifting suites pop up catering to stars not just with free gifts like trips and products, but lots of pampering from massages to manicures to lash extensions – all in the name of getting red carpet ready for the annual Academy Awards.

Addictive Designs is based in Vancouver Canada. The messages are carefully thought out on well-designed, high-quality material T-shirts or Tanks created by Heidi Smith; the founder of Addictive Designs. Heidi has intimate knowledge on life experiences, fashion and design. As the creator of the product-line, her own history of addiction and recovery adds both credence and value to the products messages.

What makes the messages and the designs different from the rest is that Heidi is driven by a solid graphic design background, life on life terms experiences and passion to change the World one small step at a time through simple messages on each shirt purchased and worn.

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Addictive Designs’ Values

These seven values serve as guidelines for what we do every day as we work towards our vision to spread out across the World.

  1. You can in fact do well by doing good.
  2. One day at a time, Just for today.
  3. It’s best to keep your business life as well as your personal life as simple as possible.
  4. There’s always something more to learn in life.
  5. Innovate – keep moving forward. If you don’t you’re not just standing still, you’re going backwards.
  6. Our sense of humour and love of laughter define us.
  7. Progress is way more important than perfection.
  8. We love T-shirt storytelling; using the World’s most popular garment to spread a message of HOPE, FAITH and COURAGE.



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