Blee Returns With A Brand New Album And A Kickstarter Project

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Cross Seas Entertainment, a label specialising in the promotion of Caribbean artists, has reported that the return of the lyrical sensation Blee is anticipated in the early summer. After a 3 year break from the music industry, Blee’s 3rd album entitled ‘The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love’ will hit the mainstream in a way that has never been done before.

Unlike the previous two albums The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 2: Respect Your Legacy and The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: The Second Son, Chapter 4 highlights a different side to the rapper, who’s already had hit songs featured in TV series True Blood and Lincoln Heights. The brand new album is best described as a “fusion of Hip Hop, Reggae and Electronic Dance sounds” says Blee; a slight turn from the raw beats found in his previous albums. “Listeners can expect songs which pose a tongue in cheek approach to finding the brighter side of challenging situations by choosing ‘love’ as the ultimate guide.” This certainly is an inspirational project; so don’t expect any actual love songs, despite the album’s characteristic title.

In preparation for the release of the brand new album, Cross Seas Entertainment has teamed up with marketing whiz kids Xuke Blu in expectation to gain full exposure for the talented artist. Together, a project was launched on Kickstarter; the world’s largest crowd funding platform for creative ventures. The project includes a video of Blee reenacting a scene from the Oscar nominated movie The Wolf of Wall Street, in hope to encourage pledges in exchange for a sneak peak of the new album, exclusive merchandise and tickets to a private launch party.

Blee’s interpretation of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort in this riveting video is comparable and undeniably hilarious as he puts a twist on the script to support his campaign. Should Blee’s goal be met, all funds raised will go to the production of the new album, music videos as well as putting together a solid marketing plan.

Another first for Blee is that he will be working work with other producers in creating songs for this album, so we’re expecting this one to be evolutionary as he collaborates with some of the world’s most explosive talents. There is no doubt that Chapter 4 will certainly blow our socks off and we can’t wait to hear it.

If you would like to make a pledge and be part of Blee’s next chapter, then visit the project on KickStarter today.

About Blee:
Caribbean born Blee is a producer, writer and performer with over 10 years experience in the music industry. With international hit records, features on global TV series and expanding online and radio play, Blee is fast becoming one of the most successful independent artists around.

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About Cross Seas Entertainment:
Cross Seas Entertainment was established in 2007 specializing in the promotion of Caribbean talent and the production of Caribbean-influenced music. The record label was founded by recording artist/producer Blee, with the intent to produce quality music for public consumption, licensing to films, television, advertising, video games and other mediums. The label’s main ethos is to create music that will inspire positive and progressive actions, as well as cultivate new artists and nurture a new generation of trendsetters.

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About Xuke Blu:
Xuke Blu was established in 2014 and is a marketing hub for the creative industry. As well as developers in successful marketing strategies, Xuke Blu furthermore specializes in graphic design, social media and affiliate marketing. For more information on Xuke Blu, please visit:

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