Set To Release His First Album, Dreams & Microphones On 12/15/12

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Jay Matthews (Jeremy Matthew Wible) has established himself as an up and coming American Hip-Hop and R&B Artist. Born and raised in Michigan, Matthews rose to success after his first EP Before The Dream was released in 2011. With no contacts in the industry, he managed to establish his own record label. Following the success of his EP, he debuted his first single, Winter Heart which helped draw global worldwide attention to himself. Now, Matthews is extremely happy to announce that he has an album scheduled for the near future which he hopes will help to skyrocket his career and allow more of the world to hear his music.

The album, Dreams & Microphones is due for release on 12/15/12. The genres of the songs vary between the Top 40s, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. The album is directly related to Matthews personal issues and history, and the issues that the United States is battling as a country. The producers behind the album are well established professionals too, and just so happen to be grammy nominated producers. The whole album captivates Matthews passion for music, and resembles what he believes in as a person. Matthews, commenting on the album, said, “Never forget who you are and lose your soul in the night”. The album is well anticipated by fellow musicians, producers and fans alike.

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