Fed Judge helps U.S. Attorney leak Bank Records into N.J. Prison

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TRENTON, NEW JERSEY - December 29, 2018 – Federal Judge and U.S. Attorney leak thousands of bank records containing personal and business trading accounts from dozens of banks into the New Jersey Department of Corrections while in pursuit to maliciously prosecute a civil rights activist, Cary Lee Peterson with unlawfully obtained trading account which includes Social Security number and Federal Tax ID number, bank account numbers and transaction history, used in a clandestine vendetta lawsuit filed by former U.S. Attorney, Paul J. Fishman of New Jersey and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as court records and witnesses confirm following the very unusual Peterson sentencing hearing held on December 20, 2018.

The year 2018 could not have ended any better finding out that a foreign diplomat sentenced to the Department of Corrections subsequently to a series of clandestine acts conspired after a mere misunderstanding between lawyers and businessmen would lead to an 84 year old Judge, the U.S. Attorney, a FINRA employee and the longest serving member of Congress leaking thousands highly confidential and privileged bank records from stock trading accounts from dozens of banks into the New Jersey Prison system with thousands of criminals who would keep ID theft protection companies like LifeLock busy in 2019 and thereafter.

Story still developing…

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