Septem Studio The World’s First Collapsible Titanium Chopsticks Kickstarter Campaign

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The World’s First Collapsible Titanium Chopsticks

Eco-Friendly | Easy Carry | Lightweight | Durable | Enjoy Your Food ANYWHERE + ANYTIME Our latest design is Septem Titanium chopsticks, a collapsible titanium made chopsticks perfect for food lovers and travelers, easily collapse and assemble to form a full-length pair. They store into themselves and provide a sustainable solution that is easy to carry. Secure the pair together with a clip that also functions as a chopstick rest. And most importantly, FOR OUR PLANET.

The Revolution of Chopsticks 

As a symbolic utensil invented from the eastern culture thousand years ago, chopsticks have been designed as a perfect way of picking up foods. But traditional wooden chopsticks are indeed harmful to our environment and our bodies.

Think Before You Use Disposable Chopsticks:

  • Did you know that 3 billion trees are cut down every year for the purpose of making chopsticks?
  • Be careful!Bacteria can hide in wooden chopsticks.
  • The leftover from the chemical would stay inside the chopstick until we use them.

We decided to introduce our 100% Titanium chopsticks. It should be environmentally friendly, easy to carry, seamless to use and clean… Most importantly, it should be sleek and cool.

One Pair with 2 Size options! Easy and fast to collapse to short-length 4″ for carry, or assemble to full-length 7″ for usage, weights only 20 grams.The smart clip keeps the chopsticks clean from dust and bacteria, what‘s more, it acts as the rest when in use!

Why 100% Titanium Gives the Perfect?

Compact and Collapsible

The new chopsticks, very easy to carry. No need an extra bag,case or elegant box. The multi-functioned design ensures easy use. Whether you travel the globe, the country or just your hometown—these pocket-sized chopsticks are ideal on the go. It can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Perfect for street food and lunch.
Easier to pick up a bit and a sup.
Good for food with weight.
Great for Hotpot,Enjoy a barbecue with our super hygienic Titanium chopsticks. Titanium doesn’t transfer heat like steel.
Dishwasher safe

Anytime and Anywhere

The innovative design ensures easy carry and uses ANYWHERE ANYTIME. These pocket-sized lightweight titanium chopsticks are the best choice for all food lovers.

Hello Kickstarter, in the past few years, we’ve been designing various kind of chopsticks. With the goal of reducing the impact of disposable chopsticks on the environment and a whole-hearted dedication to ushering in a greener future.

About Us

Septem was established by a small London team who are passionate about sleek and cool ideas and bring them to life, striving to inspire others and foster an exploration mindset. Design is our passion, our hobby, and our job. With the project, we try to bring something new to the World and Kickstarter is an amazing platform to do that. Our supporters get the best price and a unique chance to follow the whole manufacturing process. This time we are excited to get the Septem Chopsticks into your hands.

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Risks and challenges

This may be our first project here on Kickstarter, but we have already gained a lot of experience and have gone through prototyping processes and made a few tests run for small batch manufacturing. Though there are always some potential challenges to every Kickstarter campaign that may cause small delays, we are confident about project’s fulfillment and we promise to keep you updated until you get your rewards. Kickstarter is a great platform for launching a product, with a strong, supportive community and global reach. Our priority is to make every backer satisfied.



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