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fake news flaws leading to Blue Sheets Bank Leak Crisis to top off 2018 (view history)

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY - December 29, 2018 – A Federal Judge and the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey leaked thousands of bank records containing personal and business trading account profile information from dozens of banks and brokerage firms into the New Jersey Department of Corrections while in pursuit to maliciously sentenced civil rights activist, Cary Lee Peterson. (38) for securities fraud on December 20th, 2018.

The FINRA “Blue Sheets” bank leak of extremely privileged and confidential banking data (now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Secret Service thanks to Peterson) included the following:

1. Complete Social Security numbers, (for individuals)
2. Complete FEINs numbers, (for business’s)
3. Complete bank account numbers,
4. Transaction history,
5. Complete address and contact information of account holder,

A media source who attended the very long and unusual “PAC Man Hearing” confirmed that Peterson presented to the Judge a copy of the leaked “Blue Sheets” data that the U.S. Attorney said was produced by a FINRA employee who had been a government witness in Peterson’s trial.

U.S. District Court Senior Judge Anne E. Thompson (84) concurs with Peterson that the “Blue Sheets” should have been sanitized, and abruptly demanded a private meeting in her chamber on the issue in the middle of Peterson’s sentencing hearing. Upon the private chamber meeting, the Judge barred Peterson from further pro se pleadings, sentenced him to 52 months in prison for a white-collar crime, passes the “Blue Sheets” from FINRA back to Peterson, and have the U.S. Marshals take him back to jail in Monmouth County, New Jersey with hundreds of criminal offenders.

The year 2018 could not have ended any better than finding out that a lobbyist sent into the Department of Corrections subsequent to a series of clandestine acts conspired by a former United States Attorney, after a mere misunderstanding between lawyers and businessmen would lead to an 84 year old Judge, the current U.S. Attorney of New Jersey, a FINRA employee and the longest serving member of Congress leaking thousands highly confidential and privileged bank records from stock trading accounts from dozens of banks into the New Jersey Prison system with thousands of criminals who would keep ID theft protection companies like LifeLock busy in 2019 and thereafter.

It’s times like this that make it seem sufficient to vote on new laws on how long a Judge can serve on the bench, or whether or not the U.S. Treasury Department should place a tighter grip on banking privacy regulations, or simply get rid of non -governmental organizations like FINRA, who appear to be easily compromised while doing the SEC’s job in this particular instance.

Story still developing…

Updated 10:55 am EST

Media Contact
Holly S,
Freelance writer for EMWNews


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Im ABOUT to lose everything! My ex husband got sole custody and is moving to Texas with my babies. Im going to just try to use my last bit of money to fight for an appeal. This will be a long drawn out custody battle as he desperately wants my babies to be raised by people who are not ethical at all as they kept me locked in my situation all these years while he used and abused me when i had brain cancer and almost died. My children have been through the ringer. They need to be supported after he leaves us with nothing at all.

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Help fund film on illegal migration: The Last Step GoFundME Campaign Sat, 29 Dec 2018 01:28:30 +0000

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We are raising funds to produce a film on illegal migration in other to discourage young people from embarking on it and also safe countries in Europe, America and elsewhere in the world from illegal migration related violence and its attendant loss of lives and properties.

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Family Matters its every thing

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My mom is losing her house and she got a lot to move. So my moms house let me begin from the start she got the house back when I was 17 and it was me and her. My mom divorced my dad when I was young. She meant my step dad soon after. She marred my step dad 5 years later where thay lived together in Pocatello, Idaho for 3 year. I was living with my dad in Boise at the time and was getting ready to move in with my mom and step dad untell he was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away. She moved to Payette to be close to her family sold her house in Pocatello in a very bad deal and lost money on it only to put down a quarter of payment of what see got on this house the this house. It has been a struggle for her to pay on the house and me and family could only do so much to help her money wise so she moved out and moved in with my grandma and rented out the house to pay it off. Well because of this she lost money due to people not paying rent and courts not really doing much to help in civil matters I mean thay can only do so much and the place she worked also closed down so she has been looking for work she did find something months later but it was to little to late which puts her to now 12 months behind on payments  which is 8,400.00 she owes and was all most foreclosed on but I ended up paying hafe on 3,200.00 and more money to tare down trailer so far it has cost me to. Be in debt and I had to move to Boise with my dad were I got a better job to pay off my debt so shes has no choice to sell so she can get something out of it. I don’t think its going to go the way she thinks it will but we will see. So I’m not getting really any help to move stuff off of property to clean up. I will have to hire people to help so that why I’m doing this because I can only pay help $250 so far out of pocket and need about $2000 for how many people I need and plus days it will take. I em asking for a little bit more for the charge fees and some things  from this site and any extra thing I might need I hate to ask for hand out’s from people I don’t know but I’m desperate and running out of time. My mom is a good person that no matter what she is going through she is always there to help people so now I hope that some of you out there can help her out.

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I am 38 years old and I have Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. I am on oral chemo therapy. Traditional chemo therapy doesn’t work on renal cell carcinoma. There is no cure for the cancer I have.

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I had to stop working as a Respiratory Therapist. My body is in pain daily but I do my best to keep things “normal” for my kids.
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It’s a Nightmare I can’t wake up from.

Thanks for your support. Please pass this along to others.

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Hi guys! I was hoping for some money to help fund the start-up phase of my recruitment company that I’m starting up with friends. We’re using this company as a way for us to make money to help fund our further education as we really want to go onto university, and don’t want the hassle of a debt as masters degrees and PhDs can be very costly.

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Looking to replace my vintage BBQ comp trailer with something newer.

The roof and ceiling are shot in the old girl and she needs someone that needs a low budget trailer.

I need a nicer trailer that I can get health department certified to serve food out of.

Might need to go down and feed the wall builders, or the ladder builders, you never know where the food business will take you.

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