Become A Better Basketball Player: Work On Your Vertical Jump

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Being able to jump higher helps you perform better at almost all kinds of sport. It is no question then why a lot of athletes would want to improve on this physical skill. Before, jumping higher was attributed simply to genes. Now, however, we know better. We now know that there are specific training exercises we can do, such as those shown in Jump Manual for basketball and volleyball vertical, that can help us do higher vertical jumps. So what are the important factors that can lead one to jump higher? What parts of your body do you have to work on and how do you train these? Enumerated below are some tips.

Jumping higher requires leg power and a strong core. Leg power is the product of a good combination of strength and speed. You can’t expect to have a good vertical jump if you simply possess one but not the other. To experience a vertical explosion when you jump, training for both strength and speed is then essential. One way to increase your leg power is by doing plyometrics training. Plyometrics training trains the muscle to reach its maximum strength in the least amount of time possible. You know when your plyometrics training exercises are working when they are able to trigger the intended muscle group’s adaptive responses. You’d get a detailed way of doing this through a few sets of drills at the Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett.

In order to reach your maximum vertical jump potential, you also need to have a strong core. This is important in developing balance and force transmission. You see, in order for you to jump, you need leg power. But without a strong core, no matter how much strength your legs produce, you wouldn’t be able to propel as high as possible because it is the core that cushions your leg power. Therefore, you have to check your manual for core training exercises. If this is somehow looked over, you can be sure you won’t be getting a good jump higher workout. Some core training exercises that you can incorporate into your workout include side planks, leg lifts, lunges, knee ups and back extensions.

Another way to increase your vertical jump is by doing jump ropes. Jump ropes are the ideal choice for training your leg muscles’ responsiveness because they’re very easy to do. Leg muscle responsiveness can come in handy during certain situations in sports. You can incorporate jump ropes into your workout by using them to warm up. For tips and reviews on programs about how to jump higher, check out Jump Manual Review at

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