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If you tend to gain more fat than muscle, you know just how frustrating and seemingly impossible it is to try and get the body ready for form-fitting clothes, let alone get it beach-ready. If you can relate to this statement: “you look fit and don’t have weight issues but you don’t look good in your swimwear and people would never have guessed so,” then this article is for you.

In your clothes you look sleek, fit and healthy enough but what most would never guess is this: you are flabby inside. If you are troubled with this predicament then what you have is a case involving your body composition: your muscle mass to fat ratio is low. In order to get past this, you have to learn to Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

In Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle download he details all the psychological, mental and physical or physiological aspects involved in getting ripped. If that sounds complicated, it really isn’t because he sums it up to this: calorie deficit. A calorie deficit results when you are able to use up more calories than you take in and this is what is needed for you to see definition in your abdominals, arms, calves and etc. You have probably heard this before but it is worth stressing over and over again that if you want to see the muscles you have worked hard to build, you have got to burn the fat that sits above it.

You can create a calorie deficit through burning calories through exercise or cutting them off through diet. It is not advised that you go on a diet exclusively or workout exclusively to achieve a calorie deficit. An all-diet program could lead to constant hunger which could result to bingeing in the end or worse, a damaged metabolism. On the other hand, an all-workout program could lead to overtraining which usually results to loss of muscle mass. Needless to say, doing both exercise and dieting is the best option you can take.

In dieting, you really don’t have to exclude a specific food group but you will certainly see more and faster results if you cut back on the sugar, simple carbohydrates and the fatty foods. Always think in terms of calorie deficit. Remember to have the long term consequences of your choices in mind too because there is nothing worse than losing a lot of weight only to gain them back because you’ve overworked yourself. That means if you want to stay in shape from here on out, you have to come up with a diet and exercise plan that you can keep up for the long term. It is better to lose the fat and flab little by little and consistently rather than lose them in a short time and gain them back in an even shorter time. There are still plenty of information you can learn in order to get your body to fit and fab shape like what exercise programs work best, what fat burning foods to include in your diet and ways on how to increase your metabolism. You can learn all these at the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review.

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