How To Cure BV

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Most people today have no idea what bacterial vaginosis is. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common infections to get in women during their child bearing years, but it usually goes unnoticed. This is tied to the fact that when you had it before, the symptoms weren’t very bad. Which is probably why you are reading this article, because you definitely noticed BV or the symptoms. Symptoms include: swelling, itchiness, foul fish like odor, white thin discharge, pain during intercourse and itching. If you have any of these symptoms, its likely you have bacterial vaginosis. In a minute, I’ll talk about 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief .

So why do women get bv? It is caused by an overgrowth of garnerella or bad bacteria inside your vagina. This is because of two different things: either not enough good bacteria, or you have introduced something that caused the bacteria to grow. Literally anything could cause this, antibacterial soap, douching, non breathable panties and over washing. Douching is the main cause of bacterial vaginosis, because it will be extremely irritating to the vagina and flush out the only good bacteria.

There are two ways to cure your BV, you can either go to a doctor or treat it at home. A doctor will prescribe a cycle of antibiotics. There is a huge problem with antibiotics, they cause 65% of women to get BV again. You will also have an end result of a yeast infection on top of your BV. Natural in home treatments are your solution. Ever hear of 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief by Kristina Tomlin? It was developed to teach women how to rid themselves of bacterial vaginosis for good within 3 days. Great news for you, this natural treatment actually works. The natural cures that are outlined in her book work by increasing the amount of good bacteria inside you to fight off the infection. This way you strengthen the good bacteria instead of killing them and don’t get BV again.

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