Disadvantages of Meal Plans for Weight Loss

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Television, print and online media are saturated with advertisements for  meal plans for weight loss  . They often feature well-known celebrities and retired professional athletes. Following a  weight loss meal plan  seems to be easy. All customers have to do is eat only the food provided and any fresh foods that may be allowed in the manufacturer’s instructions. However, popular slimming meal plans have disadvantages that customers may not realize.

The first disadvantage is the embarrassing and sometimes painful gastrointestinal side effects many people experience while eating the foods. These include increased flatulence, diarrhea and cramps. Meals are just popped into a microwave to heat. Some customers have big brand name meal plans like NutriSystem or Jenny Craig note that the food has a peculiar and unappetizing odor after it is heated up.

Another disadvantage is that there usually are no available food choices for vegetarians or vegans. Most ready-made diet meals are made with lean meat in order to give the dieter enough protein for the day. People who have worked hard to become vegans or vegetarians may have to eat meat in order to follow meal plans for weight loss.

Weight loss experts and nutritionists note that the most important disadvantage is that any weight lost is quickly regained. Some weight loss plans do come with counseling and dieting tips in order to help change bad eating habits. Meal plans are meant to be a temporary diet plan and not a permanent one. Once a person stops the plan, the weight tends to come back on.

One celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig, actress Kristie Alley, lost 75 pounds on the plan but gained it all back. Not surprisingly, that weight gain cost Alley her job with Jenny Craig.

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