Look At This Before You’ll Try Another New Fat Loss Program

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Every day we are bombarded with new, recycled and often absurd information about how to lose weight fast. If you have given these fat loss diet plans a try but you have experienced no weight loss still, I think it is time to stop chasing the hype and go back to the basic principles of losing weight as discussed in Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. The first principle is this: losing weight cannot happen if you’re eating more calories than you are using. The second principle involves the necessity of exercise in order to build muscle and maintain a healthy weight and fit body. Fat loss diet methods and schemes may be able to get you the desired result in the time they promise but without taking these principles to heart, you can easily lose your gains. In this article you’ll be provided with free diet tips and concrete steps you can take in order for you to put the principles into good use.

The first principle involves the most basic math involved in losing weight: calorie intake less calorie expended equals weight loss/gain. In other words if you’re asking about how to lose weight fast, you simply have to increase your activities for the day, eat less or do both. One of a few simple free diet tips you can do to aid in your fat loss diet is through intermittent fasting. Now this may sound like a shocker to most since most free diet tips would tell you to never skip a meal because it can slow down your metabolism. But the truth is discussed by nutrition expert Brad Pilon in his book Eat Stop Eat. He says that this is a myth and that you can go by with 72 hours of no food without destroying your metabolism.

Fast for 24 hours and eat normally after that. Doing this twice within the week or month is the surest way for you to have your body regularly detoxified; your metabolism, amplified; and your goal in losing weight, easier to accomplish. If you want more free diet tips on how to lose weight, you can check out The Diet Solution Program, Eat Weight Off and Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

If you want an even better way to lose weight fast, you can add a few hours into resistance training during your normal eating days. Resistance training, when added into your schedule, will help you build the muscles needed to burn calories even when you’re not working out. This has time and again proven to be best way to stay fit for life. For detailed ideas on how to incorporate resistance training into your fat loss diet plan, check out Eat Weight Off Review.

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