What Should You Feed Your Baby and Growing Child?

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Feeding white rice cereal to your baby is not recommended, contrary to what many childcare books say. White rice cereal is devoid of vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients. Even USA Today says call it a heavily processed “nutritional disaster.” Good nutrition begins during his infant years, or choosing the right solid food. Later on, you can give krill oil to your children, as recommended by many experts.

Parents are often urged to supplement their child’s health with krill oil. But good health for your child actually begins with good nutrition or choosing the right solid food during his infancy. Despite what many childcare books say, feeding white rice cereal is ill-advised. White rice cereal lacks fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. It is even dubbed by USA Today a heavily processed “nutritional disaster.”

Babies who eat highly-processed white rice or flour may become used to this unhealthy diet when they grow older. If your baby eats an excessive amount of grains, he will become used to eating processed carbs like cookies, white bread, and cakes. When flour is refined to produce cereal, the most nutritious part of the grain is removed, and it essentially becomes sugar. As your child’s body converts white rice or flour into sugar, his blood sugar and insulin levels are raised. These are the reasons why grain-based infant cereals should never be a part of your baby’s diet.

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, egg yolk is a good first solid food for babies. You can start when your baby turns four months old. Breastfeeding your baby exclusively – which means no solid food or water – during his first six months is recommended. At six to nine months, supplement with solid foods while continuing to breastfeed. Remember, though, that while egg yolk from free-range hens contains special long-chain fatty acids that are critical to your child’s optimal brain and nervous system development, egg whites can cause allergies. So avoid giving the latter to babies less than a year old.

Antarctic krill oil is obtained from krill, a shrimp-like creature that lives in clean waters. Pure krill oil benefits your child better than many fish oils that may contain hazardous toxins. You can give a krill oil supplement to your child when he grows older. When he grows up, you can give your child optimal doses of a krill oil supplement. Antarctic krill oil is sourced from krill, a shrimp-like creature that thrives in cold, clean waters. Pure krill oil benefits your child better than its fish oil counterparts, which may contain dangerous toxins.

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