A Feeling of Terrible Joy: Being Pregnant

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No matter which pregnancy book that you pick up you will most likely read all about the wonders and amazement of being pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is an amazing experience and expecting a child is one of the biggest joys in life. However, what you will not usually read about is the fact that pregnancy is not always an enjoyable experience. You won’t read about the fact that your body balloons up and takes the shape of a beached whale when you lay down, you spend more time at the mall looking for a place to pee than actually shopping, and your nose may even appear to be expecting its own little one. Oh, the terrible joys of expecting a baby!

Most mom’s would not admit it for the world, but the fact of the matter is that being pregnant is no walk in the park. This is the time that a woman’s body will go though more changing than it ever has. Therefore, there are bound to be some uncomfortable feelings and emotions through the nine month ordeal. If you are expecting, you should not be ashamed of the fact that you don’t like your hair looking so oily, being poked at by the OB-Gyn on a regular basis, or the fact that you feel like you are housing a kicking bowling ball in your uterus.

Many pregnancy books would most likely benefit from being a bit more frank about the topic of how it really feels to be pregnant. I am sure expecting mothers would be happy to see that their feelings are not uncommon and that it is perfectly okay to not be happy through the entire time of being pregnant. Perhaps, they could label a section at the end as, “The Bowling Ball Within”, or “The Dark Side if Expecting”. I am sure that they would gain a lot of respect for their honesty.

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