Fool-proof Way To A 6 Pack

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Are your “flabs” getting you down in the dumps? Are you ready to get six pack abs? Then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place. It’s most likely that you’ve probably tried getting a six pack on your own, trying countless of exercises that promise to get you in shape. Yet, none have probably lived up to their promises, lest you wouldn’t still be looking. Provided below are five tips you can use to get you started on your road to getting a six pack. If its faster and more defined results you want though, I think you might want to get The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary. Here’s my five-step formula for getting a six pack:

First, you have got to eat right. With food, it is always best to go with a complex meal. A complex meal includes carbohydrates, protein and fiber in one sitting. Getting into the habit of having these three food groups in each of your meals is really going to help you burn the fat in your belly and build and maintain your muscles in your abdominals.

Next in line is exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, for just 20 minutes of cardio and crunches, you can already have a good and effective six pack abs workout. Variety, however, should always be taken into consideration. Strain or resistance are the building blocks of muscles, they have to be present in order for muscles to grow and be maintained. Muscles adapt to resistance so if you want them to grow and stay in place, you have to shock them by changing up your six pack abs workout. You can change it up every two weeks or so. If you need examples of ab exercises, read Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. It also contains helpful meal plans.

Get enough rest and sleep. Make sure your muscles get the rest they need. It’s best to work out again only when the muscle pangs are gone. Having enough rest and sleep also helps you avoid stress. When you avoid stress, you avoid abdominal fat. When you’re stressed out, the body goes into a defensive mode of storing fat. Exercise and proper rest help avoid this.

Last but not the least are these two tips few know about but that definitely work: The 15-Minute Standing Rule and The Stomach Vacuum. The 15-Minute Rule states that after each meal, especially the big ones, you should aways stand up for 15 minutes. This helps you prevent getting a bulging stomach as some of the food gets digested during this 15-minute window. The Stomach Vacuum is the exercise for your inner abdominal muscles. You can’t work these muscles through ordinary crunches. This exercise involves proper breathing and the sucking in of the gut for a certain period of time. Doing this exercise can cut inches off your waist, as long as you hold other things like diet and rest equal. Learn more about this technique at Truth About Six Pack Abs Review at

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