Implants: The Next Best Thing to Home Grown

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Long Beach, CA – So often, what people remember about a person is their smile. When tooth loss makes a person’s smile less than memorable, dentists in Long Beach, CA use dental implants to repair the damage.

Mother Nature gives humans two chances at a perfect smile; first, a set of baby teeth and then later a set of permanent teeth. For some of us that is not enough, and when our so-called permanent set of teeth develop gaps dental implants can come to the rescue.

Dental implants are comprised of titanium posts, which act as roots upon implantation into the jawbone. The post then acts as a staging ground for a restoration that appears as a natural tooth or group of teeth. After implantation, the post is accepted by the bone and osseointegrates, or fusion between post and bone, occurs. Earlier implants were screwed to the bone but most  dental implants Orange County CA  residents receive are root-form endosseous implants. This means they are placed inside the bone after space is made by drilling.

With dental implants Orange County, CA residents gain back the functionality of a full of set of teeth and protect their remaining natural teeth. Lost teeth cause an increase in the speed of bone re-absorption prompting more tooth loss. Additionally, spaces left by missing teeth cause other teeth to migrate to fill in the gap, resulting in a misaligned bite causing more dental problems.

The price of dental implants is decreasing even as the number of cases where implantation is possible becomes more common. When a tooth is lost a consultation with  dentists in Long Beach CA  may provide the option of replacement with an implant.

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