Lessen Chemo Rashes With Good Chemo Skin Care

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Cancer messes up a lot of our routines, our goals, our plans, and our bodies.  Living with this beast, waging battle, and ultimately triumphing is something that millions strive to do every day.  Almost all of us have been affected by it, either personally or watching the struggles of someone close to us. When looking at the immense havoc it wreaks and the destruction it often leaves in its path, something as mundane as skin care may seem minor.  But in actuality, good skincare plays a very important role and is not to be overlooked.

Chemo rashes rear their ugly heads and take many different forms.  From red patches, dryness, flaking, bumps, and pimples, to the severity of peeling, cracking, splitting, and blistering, good  chemo skin care  helps lessen the suffering and misery these rashes cause.  You will not regret being proactive about hydrating and moisturizing.

Drinking lots of water and choosing creams and lotions that provide extra moisturizing elements will be a good start.  You also want to use washes, soaps, shampoos, and detergents that are extra gentle and made for sensitive skin.  Finding a good product line that is especially developed for cancer patients will make things easier and your skin feel better.  Soothing your aggravated and irritated skin with serums and balms that nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants will be top priority when the  chemo rashes  appear.

Another thing to keep in mind that directly affects your skin is the sun.  While undergoing chemotherapy your skin becomes so much more sensitive, and that includes sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.  Sunblock at least SPF30 or higher and protective clothing should always be considerations.  And adding a wide brim hat and sunglasses will truly complete your protective ensemble.

It can not be stressed enough that lessening the severity and outbreaks of chemo rashes start with good chemo skin care.  Beginning your skin care journey before you start treatments is even more beneficial.

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