Link Between Sleep and Depression Study Finds

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An independent study has found out that the way you sleep directly effects your mood. Before we thought that sleep didn’t really effect moods more than we were cranky when tired. The new findings from our study show that people who get more than 8 hours of sleep and wake up at the exact same time everyday are more than likely to fall under the category of mild depression.

We don’t quite understand how the link works, but one popular theory is that your brain gets stuck in a cycle. When you sleep and wake up at the same time each day you are getting stuck in the motions of everyday life. This physiological effect can cause your days to become boring and dull and over time may lead to a mild or moderate depressed state. In our test study we had our subjects waking up and falling asleep different times to find out the most effective treatments.

What we found was that in 70% of our volunteers that changed their wake up time each time there was a significant increase in their positive mood. They tended to have more energy and weren’t as tired later on in the day. The best effects were when the volunteer was awakened at least 1 or more hours before their normal time to wake up. It seemed the earlier they got up and stayed awake the better the result, as long as they still received their minimum sleep of 5-7 hours.

If this is the case then there may be some kind of link between sleep deprivation and mental illnesses such as depression. We found that there was no increase in mood by staying up later or falling asleep at a much later time. This part of the study was inconclusive, but may have actually made the mood worse or the patient more tired.

What does this mean for anyone suffering from depression?
This means that there is a possibility that someone suffering from depression could get relief without medication. It also means that someone could improve their mood by simply changing a small habit. This findings have not been proven and they are only from an independent study from a small test group, but their was enough evidence to continue this study and for some suffers they may attempt to try this on their own.

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