Clutch bags don’t have to cost a fortune..

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You may want to add the panache and elegance of a clutch bag to your favorite ensemble, but don’t want to break the bank in order to do so. If this is the case, then this is definitely the moment of time to be seeking for such an item, since the proliferation of this type of purse has encouraged some manufacturers to design lines of affordable, but still very attractive, bags that are within the budget of practically anyone who has any money at all.

There are hundreds of inexpensive clutch bags on the market today, with prices under fifty dollars – and even some with prices under thirty dollars. These are not the thousand-dollar or more clutches offered by the major brand names, but they are still often of surprisingly good quality and will last you for years of use with a little basic care.

These clutch bags come in every shape that their more expensive kin boast, including boxy types, slim elongated purses that are either plain or decorated with some variety of metal or braided detail work, others that are covered in cloth ruffles, fan-shaped clutches, and so on. The metal fastenings are typically plain or lightly sculptured, but there is a chance of the odd rhinestone or bead slipping in for effect. A gold or silver clutch bag can also be found among these purses.

The Internet provides a great way for finding inexpensive clutches and acquiring them easily, since many brick and mortar stores prefer to offer the higher-end purses to maximize their profit per square foot of display space. There are plenty of bargains to be had on thrifty but elegant bags that will look good on an evening out at a fancy restaurant, or that are suitable for a daytime bag as well.

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