Take Preventative Measures During Radiation

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Cancer can really knock you for a loop.  Along with the huge impact it has on your mental and physical health, it can also change your skin, especially if you are going through radiation.  Taking preventive measures and changing your skin care regiment will help you feel better and may alleviate the severity of the symptoms.

Radiation is concentrated in the same spot, every day.  So it can really take a toll on those areas of your skin and sometimes  radiation burns  develop.  Applying lotions and creams twice daily, at bed time and either morning or afternoon, opposite your treatments, is best to reduce the risk of burns.  Serums and balms are very helpful if your skin becomes inflamed.  It is also important to take lukewarm, quick showers and avoid heat and hot water.

Also, you should pat yourself dry, not rub.  A vigorous toweling off can really irritate your treatment areas.  When you are needing relief from your burns, try applying some cooling roller pads with aloe vera.  They are developed especially for cancer patients undergoing radiation.

Sun protection is an important factor of  radiation skin care  .  The sun can really aggravate, and burn, sensitive radiated skin.  It happens almost immediately upon sun exposure.  SPF30 sunblock or higher, hats with wide brims, large sun glasses, and protective clothing are necessities for radiation patients.  It is also wise to realize that you will always need to be this cautious in the sun.

After you are done with radiation, even years later, the sun can “recall” treatment areas where you had your radiation and burn them again.  Sometimes these burns can develop quickly and quite severely.  Due to this, protection and caution are your best bets where the sun is concerned.

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