Vaginitis or BV- Cured in 3 Days

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If you are wanting to seriously cure your bacterial vaginosis infection, then you will need a natural cure. You will find that most bv treatments are just ways to treat the symptoms, and not cure them. Holistic treatments go to the root of the problem and cure the infection the right way.

These natural remedies are the best methods for curing bacterial vaginosis, because they cure the causes. The natural remedies I’m talking about restore imbalances and improve the immune system so it can fight disease.

The first step of any natural remedy would involve stopping consumption of drugs and medicines that deplete the immune system. You will need to stop taking antibiotics and birth control pills. These medicines kill the good bacteria inside your body, and cause you to have an infection like bv.

One of the best natural cures to restore your ph balance is to take bath in a tub of warm water that has a cup of apple cider vinegar added. If you have the time, do this once a day while you have your infection.

Having little to no good bacteria in your body is the biggest cause of bv. Eating probiotic supplements and eating things like yogurts and curd, can help you restore the amount of good bacteria in the body. This not only helps protect against bv infections in the future, but also protection from problems like vaginal yeast infections.

So I guess it all comes down to this, how bad do you want to get rid of your bv for good? There are tons of ways to do it naturally. These are pretty good methods, but if you want to get some real treatment, then I recommend 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief (BV cures) by Kristina Tomlin. She offers a great e-book that talks about every aspect of BV, and ways to never get it again. Before you look into any other programs, go check out

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