New Workout Routines You Might Want To Try

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Is it your goal to stay fit and healthy or get muscle definition? Do you experience downtime in terms of motivation or consistency? The truth is, exercise can really be boring and demotivating when your moves and fitness routines are limited. Doing research on other techniques is possible but it takes time and are more of a hit-or-miss. On top of that, monotony in exercises cannot engage your body enough to make it fit and healthy or have its muscles defined and sculpted. Muscles need variety in order to grow because the body adapts to resistance well. Staying fit for life, on the other hand, doesn’t just involve cardio as most people popularly believe so. It involves muscle building too because muscles can help turn your body into a calorie and fat burning machine. Thankfully, there are two revolutionary exercise programs that may be just what you need to really achieve your lifetime fitness goals: TACFIT Commando by Scott Sonnon and Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions.

TACFIT Commando Review is comprised of functional and well-rounded fitness training, something that is very rarely tackled, if at all, by most exercise programs. Some of its body weight training system’s esteemed users include the Marines, firefighters, secret agents and special ops personnel, to name a few, and this is no hype. Scott Sonnon, the author, has in fact worked with these people. TACFIT Commando derives its methods from the actual programs Scott uses with these special groups. In the end, you would get a set of muscle that Sonnon calls “go muscle”. These are muscles that you can not only show but actually use when you need them. TACFIT Commando also only requires but 20 minutes per session. Never miss a step or get bored with your fitness routine ever again. This exercise program provides not just variety but a detailed illustration of how to execute the exercises.

Iron Dolls Review. Authored by one of the nation’s top body builder, Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions lays down the real deal about muscle building and muscle definition. While it explicitly targets women with its formula for beating nature’s way of limiting muscle build up in women, men can learn a lot from Karen Sessions’ expertise too. In the program, special attention is provided for each muscle group as there are exercises that cater to building particular areas. Some of the other information you’ll get include diet techniques, like carb-cycling to get rid of fat, and effective resting periods. Prepare to see lines and rips or the muscle definition you’ve always wanted much more sooner as you say goodbye to plateaus in your fitness progress.

Now you know that you don’t have to get stuck in a rut in your exercise programs. Exercise need not be boring. For more exercise programs that provide evolutionary techniques on weight loss, fitness training and muscle building similar to that of Iron Dolls and TACFIT Commando, check out Product Comparisons at

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