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It seems Richmondite’s have concluded this is just not up to par…

When you visit the corporate website of Browns Socialhouse at http://brownsrestaurantgroup.com you will see their claim;

“Welcome to Browns Socialhouse Restaurant . Bar . Socialize Browns Socialhouse is dedicated to the art of presenting exceptional cuisine in our own stylish and unique setting. We’d like to think we simplify the dining experience, integrating fresh food and cheerful service in a relaxed environment. Our customers tell us that Browns makes them feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. This is no coincidence, it is the foundation of the term “Socialhouse”. For us Browns is more than a restaurant, it is a place to be welcomed, remembered and indulged, with a standard for service and food that will leave you feeling exceptional and satisfied, every time.”

What you need to know is WHO actually runs these franchises.  Take the Richmond one for example;

Purportedly, one of the owners there is Craig Lust aka Craig Richard Lust aka Craig R. Lust.  According to research and public sources additional owners include 0791964 B.C. Ltd. dba Browns Social House and Todd Shelly.

(Owned by Todd Shelly + Craig Lust)


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Craig Lust Predator Known telephone numbers:


This guy is known to Police. He has had a restraining order against him. He continues to stalk, harass and threaten. He should be avoided at all times. He is known to “Spoof” or “Fake” calls from numbers to hide his identity.

Browns Social House Richmond, BC
1020-11660 Steveston Highway
Richmond, British Columbia V7A1N6
Today 10:00 am – 1:00 am
Phone (604) 275-3322
Website http://www.brownssocialhouse.com

Don’t Forget Twitter:





The Predatory Stalker

For the predatory stalker, stalking is foreplay; the real goal is sexual assault.  While they may gain satisfaction from the sense of control and power stalking gives them over the victim, it’s the violent and sexualfantasies that they engage in while researching, planning, and following the victim that really gets them off as they prepare for the ultimate thrill – the sexual assault itself.

The stalking may have a sadistic quality to it.  For example, some predatory stalkers mess with their victim’s minds by leaving subtle clues that they are being followed without revealing their identity.  However, even when the victim is unaware that she is being stalked, the perpetrator can still take delight in the details – deciding how long to prolong the suspense, rehearsing the attack, fantasizing about the victim’s response.

Is the Predatory Stalker Mentally Ill?

Not in the way most people think.  Predatory stalkers are not “love-sick” (i.e., due to unrequited love).  Nor are predatory stalkers motivated by strong emotional attachment to their victims. Their stalking does not reflect efforts to establish or maintain close, positive relationships with victims; nor did it reflect separation protest or intense personal distress over the dissolution of a close relationship. Predatory stalkers are more likely to use stalking o gratify their need for dominance and control and, ultimately, to gratify sadistic sexual desires.

Predatory stalkers have a different set of problems.  In comparison to other types of stalkers, predatory stalkers are more likely to have a history of convictions for other sexual offense and to have a diagnosable paraphilia (pattern of deviant sexual arousal), particularly involving sexual sadism. Unlike stalkers who develop delusions that their victim is really in love with them or has committed some imaginary offense, these stalkers rarely have psychotic disorders.  They do, however, often havepersonality disorders.

Is the Predatory Stalker a Psychopath?

While most stalkers (or sexual offenders, for that matter) are not psychopaths, it is interesting that those stalkers who do have psychopathic traits tend to exhibit pursuit behaviors that are similar to stalking predators.  For instance, research suggests that psychopathyis associated with what could be summarized as “boldness and coldness” in stalkers.

Predatory stalkers are also most likely to lead double lives, leaving their friends and family stunned and disbelieving when they are finally caught.  Night stalker Delroy Grant, for example, who stalked, raped and terrorized retired pensioners for years, was viewed as a friendly, self-sacrificing neighbor who religiously cared for his wife who was paralyzed from the neck down from multiple sclerosis.  Midwestern “Mall Rapist” James Perry stalked young girls in the malls and shopping center parking lots,  was a popular member of his suburban community, where he lived with his wife and two young children.

—> You can’t rationalize with an irrational person. Attempting to do so is…. irrational.<—-


Craig, Craig Lust, Craig R. Lust, Craig Richard Lust, Psychology Today, Law and Crime, intimate partners, massage therapist, perpetrator, sexual assault, sexual fantasies, sexual predator, stalker, subtle clues, target


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