The Advantages of a Makeup Spatula and Palette

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Faces are the canvasses for professional makeup artists. How do they transform every day faces into glamorous looks ready for the red carpet? They use a palette and  makeup spatula  to mix their beauty products in the same way a painter mixes colors before applying them to canvass. These cosmetic tools offer key advantages that conventional makeup tools do not.

Personal Colors

Using a  beauty spatula  or palette knife helps create unique colors to enhance individual skin textures and needs. Scrape a bit of the cosmetic such as lipstick, eye shadow or concealing cream and place on the palette. Scrape off another color and mix the two together to create a unique color that may not be available commercially.

Adding a Personal Sparkle

Create a new sparkle in commercially-made cosmetics by mixing body glitter into them. Using a palette and spatula mixes the glitter more evenly into the makeup than sponges, brushes, applicators or fingers. By making a small amount, a user can see if the glitter works for that particular type and shade of makeup.

Less Waste

With a little practice, the edge of a spatula soon acts as a smaller, nimbler finger. This can create just the right amount of makeup needed. This is better than trying to lay one color on top of another on the palms or on sponges and brushing the colors together. Soon, more and more makeup is needed to help create just the right color. Only a tiny bit is needed. Using a palette and spatula help create very small patches of test colors and reduce waste.

Healthier Alternative

Pallets and spatulas are also the healthier alternative for makeup artists. Makeup applicators easily become bacterial breeding grounds. They can be easily washed with 99% alcohol. Never share cosmetics with anyone to avoid getting dangerous bacteria into the makeup.

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